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Argan Oil- Best Skin/Hair oil ever! here is why

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A little-known but remarkable oil, we promise it’s your brand-new skincare secret weapon.


Argan oil is a superfood for your skin that is full of anti-oxidants, vitamin E, essential omega fatty acids, squalene, carotenes, and phenols. That’s a bunch of fancy jargon for: amazing nutrients that are extremely nourishing and beneficial to your skin. Plus, with Argan oil’s superfood properties, you don’t have to use it again and again and squint in the bathroom mirror a week later to see results—you’ll start seeing them as soon as it goes on your face. Because who likes waiting? 

Oil in my face?? YUCK! 

Concerned about putting oil on your face? Don’t be! Argan oil is beneficial for all skin types: dry, oily, acne, sensitive—you name it. It sounds scary because there’s ‘oil’ in the name,  but this oil truly won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. Think of it as the Good Witch of the Oils, here to save your skin and fight off blemishes. It balances the sebum production (oil that comes out of your face) which helps minimize, control, and prevent breakouts. The result is a clearer complexion.

Glowing Skin

Are you frustrated with a poor complexion and an even poorer selection of skincare that can help? Are you still on the hunt for THE product that can deliver gorgeous glowing skin? Look no further. Argan oil evens and brightens your skin no matter your natural color or tone. With regular use, watch dull and tired looking skin entirely disappear and your complexion become flawless.


Do you have scars on your face that you’d prefer to minimize? Say hello to your new best friend, Argan oil. It has high amounts of naturally occurring vitamin E which means this oil works wonders in reducing and improving the appearance of scars. If new enough, sometimes they can be removed entirely. 

Anti-aging & Moisturizing

Argan oil can completely replace your daily moisturizer. It hydrates the skin like an absolute dream and it won’t leave a greasy film behind. Helping to protect your skin barrier against the environment, it also smooths fine lines and wrinkles. That means slower signs of skin aging and a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Dry oil

Argan oil is what’s called a ‘dry oil’. That means it’s one that is fast absorbing into the skin, so it doesn’t take long to soak in and it won’t leave a greasy film behind. You can use it by itself or in combination with your favorite products, and the best part is its longevity—just a few drops go a long way!

Quick tip: sometimes how you apply your skincare matters. For Argan oil, it’s best applied when the skin is slightly damp. This can be done with water, but a natural toner is preferable.


Unfortunately, there is a lot of fake Argan oil available to skincare consumers. If you aren’t careful, you could end up purchasing sub-par products with tricky marketing to make you think what you’re getting is the real deal. Don’t let them fool you! Coming from the Argan tree, which only grows in Morocco, this oil is rare and precious. Always be sure of where your Argan oil came from and that it is 100% pure, virgin, and non-deodorized. When manufacturers remove Argan oil’s natural scent (which is a pleasant smell—light and nutty) some of its important nutrients are destroyed along with it.

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