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Our mission

We exist in a world that has a tendency to base one's worth on their appearance; placing more in those that easily adhere to standards of beauty than those who don’t.
This can lead to us having a fragmented view of ourselves, to resent the pieces that we've been told don't seem to fit quite right.
At trézor, we stand for differences, celebrate individuality, we see remarkableness in the less-than-ordinary, and we hope that by acknowledging the uniqueness that lingers within us all, we'll be able to cut society loose from the standards of beauty that hold reign over it.
For all of us to reach our full potential, both as individuals and as a whole.

The mission behind our products is to help people regain faith in the parts of themselves that have been thought of as too blunt, too jagged, too anything. To help people come to terms with the fact that it is through those very same fragments where uniqueness is found— and with that: their true beauty.’