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Our Story



We are two siblings who share a passion for beauty and healthy living, determined to challenge the faulty standards of beauty bestowed upon us by society.

Nawal is no stranger to the world of skincare, having been an aesthetician for many years. Through her experience, she has gained a vast knowledge of products, as well as an understanding of what works, and what doesn't, for each individual

She believes that skincare should be simple, that products should come in their natural form, formatted without harmful synthetic ingredients and toxins for maximum results-- that less is definitely more.

Yacine, who quit his job as a banker to share his sister's vision, has immense respect and love for nature. He has used his business expertise and experience in the customer service industry to help create trézor.

He is determined to create a community where self-love and acceptance hold reign over all else, as well as to remind the world that while it might be hard to remember at times, true beauty is something that exists within us all.

Together, we've set off on a quest to bring you a different kind of skincare, an all-natural line crafted out of the least amount of ingredients possible, ingredients that are fresh, concentrated, and easy to pronounce. All with you, and the planet, in mind.