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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do I check an order I have placed? 

A. If you are a registered trézor customer, you can check the status of your order online. For questions regarding your status order or If you are a guest member please contact our customer care representative at . Please provide your order number for fastest service 

Q. Do you ship to PO boxes? 

A. Most items can be  shipped to PO boxes via United States Postal Office, some restrictions apply 


Q.I am not sure which product is best for me? 

A. For product recommendations please email trézor beauty experts and they will be happy to provide you with all the information and guidance needed 

Q. Can you send me samples? 

A. Samples are not available for general distribution at this time. We will definitely notify you when available. If you need to try before you buy, please know that tr​ézor’s online policy accepts returns and exchanges for any products within 45  days guaranteed if not satisfied even if the bottle is half full

Q. Do you test on animals? 

A. tr​ézor does not test on animals, we believe that testing on animals is cruel and wrong and that it should be eliminated 

Q. Do you use fragrance in your products?  

A. No. We do not use fragrance in trézor products, we believe that fragrance can be sensitizing and damaging to the skin and can cause a lot of allergic reaction especially for rosacea, acne prone and sensitive skin. At tr​ézor we focus on product safety and effectiveness

Q. Do you use essential oil in your products? 

A . All our products now do not contain essential oils, we believe that essential oils used only to make a product fragrant can be strong and sensitizing to the skin especially for sensitive, rosacea and acne prone skin. For future products essential oils will only be added to add value to the products with careful guidelines to prevent any irritation or sensitization to skin

 Q. Are trézor products truly natural? 

A. Yes. All our products are natural we do not use synthetic ingredients at all. We formulate without Parabens, Phthalates, fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS), formaldehyde, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, propylene glycol, Diethanolamine(DEA), Polyethylene beads and many other harmful ingredients

Q.Is it safe to use my credit card online? 

A. Yes. Ordering online is safe and secure. The information you provide online (name, address, credit card) during checkout is encrypted and sent over a secure connection to our web site server 

 Q. Where can I buy trézor products? 

A. You can buy trézor products online through our website at 

 Q. Who can I contact for special event sponsorship and featuring trézor in publications?​

A. Please feel free to contact us at